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A Study on the Impact of Online Mode Education of kids during the pandemic.

. Dr. P.Banumathi, M.Com, M.Phil, Ph.D Associate Professor of Commerce, St. Mary’s College (Autonomous), Thoothukudi.


In the COVID-19 pandemic has affected education worldwide, leading to the near total schools, universities and colleges since March 2020. All the educational institutes have been shut down to break the chain of this novel virus COVID-19. It has significantly disrupted teaching learning of the school students. All the credit goes to the use of technological enhanced tools or applications in the field of education. A number of Application like WhatsApp, YouTube, zoom classes, Google meet etc. have been used to teach the students as well as kids at their homes. Teachers staying at home prepare their lessons and share it using technological enhanced application that is WhatsApp, you tube etc.Most of the faculties, students and administrators are facing many problems because they were adjusted to the traditional classroom method. In the initial stages of adopting online Methods of teaching, it is very important to provide development programs and training on how to access and adopt the various tools and techniques of online teaching.

Key words: COVID-19 pandemic, Online mode like WhatsApp, YouTube, zoom classes, Google meet.

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