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Halal Cosmetics: Identification of Toxic & Haram ingredients through Mobile Application using Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

. Shakir Karim, Irfan Ahmed Usmani , Asif Aziz , Neha Muqeem and Ramsha Urooj


Beauty gives the confidence one deserves. There are so many products to enhance beauty but sometimes the product that consumers choose are harmful with respect to ingredients. There are 1.8 billion Muslims in the whole world, and they want to be assured that the ingredients, handling, processing, distribution, transportation, and types of cosmetics used are halal compliant. Therefore, to alleviate these problems, this mobile application will be providing knowledge about skin and hair care products to consumers. It is the easiest way to know about the potentially toxic and haram ingredients in skin and hair care products. It allows the user to scan the ingredients listed on the product and identify whether any of the items listed might be toxic and haram to be consumed or not, using optical character recognition.


Index Terms- Halal ingredients, Cosmetics, Mobile application, Optical Character Recognition

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