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Women Welfare Programmes for Women Empowerment in Manipur

. Th. Babulu and Dr. K. Maharajan


The main goal of women's empowerment is to raise their social, political, and economic standing, particularly that of traditionally impoverished women. It entails fostering an atmosphere free from all forms of physical and emotional abuse, exploitation, and prejudice that women are the most defenseless group in society. The Indian government and state governments have been making many attempts to improve the conditions of women generally because they recognise the significance of women in the economic development of the country. In an effort to encourage women to engage in economic activity, the government is gradually turning its emphasis to supporting female entrepreneurship. In order to assess the Women Welfare programmes for Women Empowerment in Manipur, this study will emphasise the strategies and plans for women empowerment. In our everyday lives, we see how many societal ills cause women to become victims. In order to increase women’s access to resources and capacity to make wise life decisions, women empowerment is a crucial tool. To protect kids from all type of assault is what this procedure entails. The study only used secondary sources for its data. Despite all of the government's efforts, women in this country still have less influence and a lower social position than males. It has been shown that women continue to accept gender standards that are not equal in society. The study's conclusion is that adopting different programmes and providing basic amenities are enabling aspects for women's empowerment.

 Keywords: Women Empowerment, Basic Rights, Welfare Scheme, Socio-Economic Status, Scheme implementation

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