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Psycho-scientific Elements Represented in Rasikapriyā

. Debashis Deoghoria and Dr. Sudip Chakravortti


Indian rhetoricians have identified the religious, political, economic, social, psycho-scientific etc. lifestyles of the human world through their poetic talent. In such a way the fifteenth century poet Keśavadāsa introduced various psychological aspects of human being in his Rasikapriyā through the description of the emotions of the nine types of rasas. The poet here considers love as the primary emotion and dwells directly on the various aspects of love. Poet describes various types of heroes and heroines and highlights their feelings of love. Here, the poet analyzes the psychological aspects of the various predilections and affections of the hero – heroine by putting radhakrishna’s love story under veiled revelation and through his narration. Moreover, the poet here provided the details of kāmdaśā, mānveda, ways of self – discipline, sakhῑveda, their actions, vocations and rasadoṣa by showing foresight knowledge about the taste of rasa in the psychology of kind - hearted people in the real world.

Key - words:  psycho-scientific, oxytocin hormone, endorphins

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