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Applying Artificial Intelligence in Language Teaching

. Dr. Karem Abdullatif Ahmed Mohamed and Prof. Ahmed Hassan Seifeddin


This study explored the use of AI in a foreign language (FL) writing by foreign language majors at the faculty of languages and translation, King Khalid University. The role of translation, and specifically online translation tools (OLT). The present study tried to document students’ existing of use free online translation (FOT) tools, and their views about these tools. The tools of the study involved video observations and questionnaires regarding FOT use. Twenty-one university students enrolled in a writing course.  Follow-up interviews were done with the students who were observed using FOT tools widely on the video recordings. Results indicated those students have a primarily positive attitude toward FOT tools. In addition, most of the students said that they use such tools frequently. Results are discussed in the context of the continuing debate over whether and how translation technology should be used in FL classrooms. These findings show the importance of providing teachers and students with instruction on (FOL), as well as the need for additional research on the effects of AI on writing acquisition.


Artificial Intelligence, Free Online Tools, Translation, Writing Skill

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