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Predicting Adoption of Solar Power System in Southern Region of Pakistan through Linear Regression Model

. Syed Tauqeer Ahmed Hashmi, Fahim Raees and Mirza Mahmood Baig


In this paper the main aim is to focus on preparing a best linear regression model to predict the attitude of Pakistani consumers toward adoption of solar power system.

This research is carried out on the bases of the Multiple Linear Regression Model. For this research, a survey is conducting in the southern region of Pakistan and then Minitab software is used to run and test of the significance of the Regression model.

This study showed that 6 factors Knowledge about Renewable energy, Environmental Belief, Social Influenced, Hedonic Motivation, Price Value and Perceived Behaviour Control are the significant factors to predict the Attitude of consumers toward use of Solar Power System. Some other factors such as Income, Education, Occupation, Gender, Age, Performance Expectancy and Effort Expectancy are not the significant factors toward adoption of solar power system.


Keywords: Renewable Energy, Solar Power System, Consumer Intention, Multiple Linear Regression, Pakistan

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