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Evaluation of Analgesic Activity of the ethanolic extract of Butea Monosperma flower in Albino Wistar Mice

. Sumreen Mujahid, Safia Abidi, Shaima Sultana Memon, Muneeza Lodhi, Muhammad Aitmaud uddolah Khan and Tajwar Sultana



Butea monosperma, also known as palash, is a species of Butea that is native to tropical and subtropical regions of the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It is frequently used to treat a variety of illnesses including pain.


The present study was planned to evaluate to evaluate the analgesic activity of Butea Monosperma extract and standard drug Morphine

Material and Method:

The analgesic effect was assessed using tail flick method to induce pain in mice and the latency period was noted. The animals were divided into four groups, with each consisting of seven albino mice, viz. control, standard drug, extract-treated with two different dosage groups.


Butea Monosperma produces a dose-dependent analgesic effect using tail flick method in mice.


The results denote B. Monosperma extract has significant analgesic. These results affirm the traditional use of B.Monosperma for the treatment of pain along with morphine.


Keywords: Butea monosperma, pain, analgesic, morphine, albino mice

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