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Investigating the Attacks on Software Defined Networks: Summary & Recommendations

. Rizwan Iqbal, Rashid Hussain and Sheeraz Arif


SDN has significantly made conventional networks flexible. But as technology evolves, it is getting involved more and more in consumer’s daily life, and the threat of cybercrime is making consumer life unsafe. The proposal is about providing security applications to the majority, i.e., the normal users who cannot afford expensive stand-alone firewalls nor do they have enough technical knowledge to upgrade and maintain them. The main purpose of this article is to review the work done on the enhanced security of SDN networks and develop a framework that will protect home user devices from attacks by implementing SDN based firewall. Proposed firewall design and made simulation model to present the results. Performance evaluation of the proposed solution on the benchmark problem set.


Index Terms- SDN, Firewall, Attacks on SDN Networks, Software Defines Home Networks

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