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Running Title: Inheritance pattern of drought stress tolerance in sesame Inheritance pattern of drought stress tolerance and yield related traits in sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)

. Ammara Fazal, Dr. Farooq Ahmad Khan, Dr. Humera Razzaq and Dr. Bushra Sadia


The most significant abiotic stress is drought. Plant growth and developmental processes are most negatively impacted. Although it is an oilseed crop that can withstand drought, sesame is vulnerable to it during the growth and seedling phases. Future climate change is predicted to bring about severe droughts. The current study was designed to select sesame accessions in both normal and drought-stress situations with this situation in mind. In a controlled laboratory environment, we simulated drought conditions using polyethylene glycol (PEG-6000) and observed the effects on sixty sesame plants. (Sesamum indicum L.)3 accessions responded to drought stress during the growth and seedling stages. Normal and drought stress treatments, also known as T0= zero (control), T1= -4 and T2= -6 bar, were developed by dissolving zero, 188 gram, and 238gram of polyethylene glycol (PEG-6000) in one 1000 millilitres of distilled water, respectively. A completely randomised design with 3 replications was used for this trial. To assess how sesame accessions responded to normal and PEG-simulated drought stress treatments, wt indexes of fresh and dry roots and shoots were calculated. Principal component analysis was used to choose the accessions that could be affected by drought and those that could handle it. The accessions (TH-6), (TS-5), (95001), (96006), (TS-3), (90005), (97007), (95010), (95013) and (93003) were drought tolerant and had maximum mean values for most of the traits. Accessions (97005), (96019-2), (97001), (96014), (93004) and (96019) were drought sensitive. Former accessions may be exploited to create sesame varieties that can withstand drought stress. This research may be useful for identifying drought-tolerant sesame cultivars to be employed in future breeding programmes as well as for comparing drought indices in a controlled experimental test.


Keywords: Drought, Sesamum indicum, Stress index, Tolerance, weight, Biplot, yield contributing traits, oilseed

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