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Early Predictive Analysis for Heart Attack Identification



In many countries, especially in underdeveloped countries, proper health care service is a primary issue. Medical sectors are distant and on the other hand medical associated bodies are defective in comparison with the requirements of the people. For this reason, the daily health monitoring is difficult for the normal person. This lacks the monitoring of healthy people. To provide necessary primary care to the citizens, one of the ways could be the implementation of desirable systems get this issue solved. The “Internet of Things (IoT)” and Data Science are playing a vital role in variety of areas like safe and secure environment, Artificial intelligence-based commute systems, digital cities, smart operating factories, and health relate fields. The main purpose of this paper is to focus on the application of Data Science and “IOT” in the healthcare system and to bring forward a solution for human health through its blood vitals. The compositional proposed idea can be used to acknowledge blood pressure monitoring to secure heart attacks and other diseases and also it will aware for the possible diseases and also it will suggest for the medical cure which can be use as the first aids.

Keywords— systolic, diastolic, BPM, pluses waves, Microcontroller

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