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Shabda and Mantra

. Dr. Udoyan Banerji and Dr. Moumita Bhattacharya


Shabda (sound) occupies a very important place in Sanātan Dharma (Vedic Hinduism). Understanding and realization of Shabda is said to be the goal of life itself. The Brahma Bindhu Upanishad (which is one of the five Bindu Upanishads. Also called Amrita Bindu,  meaning a drop and Amrita means nectar of immortality) proclaims that: Two vidyas (sciences) are fit to be known Shabda Brahma and Para Brahma. One who has completely mastered Shabda Brahma attains Para Brahma. Also it is noted in Shārada Tilaka Tantra that the essence of all beings is itself the Shabda Bramha. Chaitanya in all beings is Shabda Brahma. Thus, the above statements from Hindu scriptures indicate that shabda is an integral part of our life. In Vedic literature, it is mentioned that the Shabda Bramha is omnipresent through the sound of Om. This is called Shabda Maya or an illusory presence of sound around us. Thus the objective of this paper is to throw some light on this relation between Shabda and Mantra which enables us to see the world in a new scientific light.

Keywords: Sabda, Mantra, Conciousness, Acoustics, Vibrations


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