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Morphotaxonomic Studies of the Genus Mazus Lour. from Hazara Division, Pakistan

. Shamila Firdous, Jan Alam , Alia Gul, Muhammad Islam, Nadia Jabeen, Yasmeen Shakir and Tariq A, Hina Gul,


Mazus Lour. belongs to the family Scrophulariaceae, is a small genus with 35 species. This genus is distributed in various parts of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In current study, this genus has been morphologically revised from Hazara division, in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Frequent field visits were conducted from the month of July till end of September. Plant samples were collected and properly identified and voucher specimens were deposited in the Hazara University Herbarium Pakistan (HUP). Ripened seeds were studied under SEM. Three native species are recognized from the area of study, mostly confined to moist plain areas. Plants are annual herbs, and these species have been classified mainly on the basis of stem characters and abundance and nature of trichomes, while seeds were brown, oblong, with colliculate surface.


Index Terms: Mazus, Taxonomy, Hazara, Trichomes, bilabiate, colliculate, didynamous, verrucate


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