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Spatial and Temporal Analysis of Temperature Time Series over Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), Pakistan

. Muhammad Raza and Fazal Wahab


Global warming is one of the burning issue of this era, its impact and intensity is changing with space and time. As temperature is one of the major thermodynamic parameter which mainly derive the whole climate system. Analysis of spatial and temporal variation in temperature any region is much more needed to understand the physical behavior of that specific region. To examine seasonal as well as annual trends of temperature over Gilgit-Baltistan (GB), the fifth province of Pakistan, non-parametric Mann-Kendall (MK) and Sen’s tests were employed in this research. This study particularly aims to reveal the spatial and temporal trends in temperature over GB, during 1955-2018. This study identified an increasing trend in annual mean temperature. At Astor and Skardu the annual temperature have increased with a significant rate of 0.02 oC/y. Trend analysis showed increasing trends in winter temperature at five stations (Astor, Bunji, Chilas, Gilgit and Skardu) but it slightly decreased with a rate of -0.01 oC/y at Gupis. The summer temperature has decreasing trends at all stations except for Astor, where it increased with a rate of 0.01 oC/y. In GB summer temperatures changes from 16.8oC to 31.5 oC. Annual mean temperatures over south-east parts of GB remained below the base period (1981-2010) temperature during all seasons, except in winter in which the temperature remained the same.

Keywords: Temperature, Global Warming, Annual, Summer, Spring.

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