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Functional disability and Quality of life among asthmatic patients

. SobiaAzam, Hafiz UsmanAsad, AsimRaza , Farooq Islam, EshailTasaduq and UsmanIftikhar


Asthma is an inflammatory condition. Asthmatic participents encounter wheezing, shortness of  breath,  and chest tightness1.QOL has been identified as a dominant variable to treat the airway diseases. SF-36 questionnaire is good in asthma and can thus be used to assess Quality of life of  patients 2

Objective(s): To assess the Functional disability and Quality of life of Asthmatic patients.

Methodology:  Descriptive cross sectional  study was follow up on 369 Adult asthmatic patients (young, middle and older adults). Participants were selected through convenient sampling between August to November 2022 from Aziz BhattiShaheed Teaching hospital Gujrat, and Major Shabbir Sharif Shaheed THQ Hospital Kunjah. SF-36 questionnaire was used for the assessment of QOL’ in this 0 indicates the very poor whereas 100 indicates very good quality of life. All information were put and analyzed by SPSS Version 24.

Results: Findings of this study was concluded that 52 out of 369 were have very Poor QOL and 265 out of 369 participents were have Poor Overall QOL , Physical functioning , Role limitations due to physical Health And Health control were have Compromised QOL as compare to other segments of SF-36. Average age of patients was found (48.00 ± 18.39) years. Out of 369 patients, 185(50.10%) were Female and other were Male. Segments of QOL, Physical functioning in % was  (23.78±16.44), Role limitations due to physical health in % was (23.49±14.09) and Overall QOL in % was ( 31.40±10.48) with a significant P-value <0.001*.

Conclusion(s): It is concluded that asthmatic patients were have poor QOL and due to compromised physical functioning and RL due to physical health we can say that Asthmatic patients are functionally disable due to severe Dyspnea. Future research suggests that practitioners and physiotherapist should focus on the treatment goals, exercises and breathing techniques to lower dyspnea and to enhance the QOL of asthmatic patients.

Keywords: Quality of life, Cross- sectional studies, Asthmatic, Airway Obstruction

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