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Information War: India’s Disinformation Campaign Against Pakistan

. Rahat Iqbal (Ph.D.) and Murad Ali


India’s disinformation campaign against Pakistan is not a new phenomenon. India has been engaged in undermining the internal stability of Pakistan by using multiple means since independence. It has used propaganda, disseminating fake news in the past, and disinformation and misinformation are spread through social media. There is considerable evidence suggesting that it is sponsoring the anti-state groups in Baluchistan. Spreading disinformation on social media against Pakistan is really a matter of concern. Since the number of social media users in Pakistan is considered large enough to affect the internal socio-political order. In addition, India tries to weaken the image of Pakistan in the international community by fanning out disinformation and fake news about Pakistan that the latter is a terrorist sponsor state in the region. This paper through the secondary data aims to highlight how India is spreading disinformation on social media and other media platforms against Pakistan and what kinds of tactics it is using to sabotage the internal and external political strength of Pakistan. Branding Pakistan as a defaulter, terrorist and irresponsible state are some of the main themes of India’s disinformation war against Pakistan. What preventive measures Pakistan should take on the media front will be the major recommendations of this research paper.


Keywords: Disinformation War, India’s Disinformation Campaign, Hybrid Warfare, Social Media, Indian Chronicles, EU-Disinfo Labs

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