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DC-DC Booster for various Applications

. Nirali Hemant Patel


 In this review paper, a low voltage and low power techniques have been applied to implement in analog circuits basically in amplifiers. These circuits are suitable for low power devices such as those required in many Internet of Things (IoT) scenarios and in energy harvesting systems. The structure of the review paper is as follows: introduction and some basics of DC booster followed by different techniques for DC-DC Booster and finally the conclusion is there which represents the best method of DC converter and the usage of DC booster in various applications and further future scopes. At circuit level, different power efficient amplifiers are compared in this work. They are obtained by combining various different low voltage techniques. These techniques can be applied to single-ended or to fully differential amplifiers, leading to different topologies. The various circuits are compared with other relevant publications, showing a very competitive performance. Keywords— Circuit level, IOT, Low power. 

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