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Education Reform Based on the Performance of the Teacher Training Institution in Building Competency

. Dian Artha Kusumaningtyas*1, Jumadi Jumadi2, Edi Istiyono3, Dwi Sulisworo4


The education reforms in a country depend much on, among others, teacher quality. The institutions managing study programs that train the future teachers are expected to be able to prepare the teacher candidates that have the required competencies. There are four factors of the teacher competencies those are professional, pedagogy, social, and personality. This research aimed to study the teacher competencies of the physics teacher candidates at a Physics study program in Indonesia. The research method used ex-post facto with the number of participants of 50 students. The teacher competencies were tested by using a multiple-choice test with score 1 for a correct answer and 0 for an incorrect answer. The score total of each competency factor was analyzed by using MANOVA to find out the influence of gender and Semester. The result of this research shows that gender does not influence the competencies. At the same time, the Semester influences the competencies. Gender and Semester together influence the competencies. However, finding out the average score of the competencies that are still very low compared to the passing grade from MOEC means the learning process at the study program needs improvement. The implication from the result shows that the learning process at the Physics study program has not run effectively to build the competencies. As a study program that prepares the future teachers, the result becomes the basis for improving the curriculum and learning process that focus more on the competencies as the Physics teacher candidates 
Keywords—teacher training, teacher competency, education reforms, physics teacher, physics education, professional, pedagogy, social, personalit

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