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Experimental Study of Various Factors Effect on Solar Cells

. Ahmed M. Ajeena 1,* and Hayder S. Al-Madhhachi 2


Abstract— The present study is direct towards the field of solar energy and a very important subject in Iraq. Solar cell modules are one of the most renewable energy systems, eco-friendly systems, sustainable, and providing free clean energy. This study represents an inclusive experimental study, various operating and environmental factors such as Shading, tilt angles, orientation, irradiation, and series-parallel connection that impacts on current-voltage characteristics of a solar cell. The results showed that voltage, the current output of the solar cells increased with increasing solar radiation. By using nine facing in installation solar cells ( east (E),eastsouth-east (ESE), southeast (SE), south- southeast (SSE), south(S), south-southwest(SSW), southwest(SW), west - southwest(WSW) and west (W)), In this research work founded that the face of the south is the optimum orientation for solar Cells.  In this paper, we use three shading cases (25%, 50%, and 100%) and we are found that the short circuit current increases linearly with the irradiated surface of the solar cell. According to the experiment results, the voltage output of the solar cell increased with increasing cells connected in series, and the short circuit current was increased with increasing cells connected in parallel. 
Keywords—Energy, Renewable energy, Solar cells, Current/voltage characteristics, Solar radiation 

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