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Severity of Hypocholesterolemia in β Thalassemia Intermedia Genotypes: A Communal Finding in Adults Suffering from β Thalassemia

. Shah Jabeen, Afshan Mehboob Khan, Alfarah Rehmatullah, Sadia Sundus & Anwar Ali


Background: β Thalassemia Intermedia (βTI), known for its association with systemic implications and subsequent complications, requires active management of the disease with increased awareness about the outcomes. Increased erythropoietic activity, iron overload, and serum ferritin, with severe alterations in lipid profile predominantly hypocholesterolemia are all found in patients suffering from β Thalassemia Intermedia.

Objectives: This study aims to find and discuss the lipid profile alterations existing in between healthy individuals and β Thalassemia Intermedia patients with different genotypes.

Methods: 140 subjects were included and divided into 2 groups according to selection criteria. Control group consisted of 70 healthy subjects from both genders of ages between 10 to 30 years. Case group consisted of 70 β Thalassemic Intermedia patients.

Results: Our study showed that severe hypocholesterolemia was observed in Thalassemia Intermedia patients as compared to control population with βºβº genotype having significantly decreased serum Total cholesterol and HDL

Conclusion: Our results conclude that patients with Thalassemia Intermedia suffer from altered lipid parameters particularly hypocholesterolemia.


Index Terms: β Thalassemia Intermedia; βTI, hypocholesterolemia, genotype, lipid profile.

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