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Role of Green Construction Practices and Service Quality in Creating Client’s Positive Word of Mouth

. Rafia Rauf, Hannan Afzal, Shaista Nasir, Munnawar Naz Khokhar, and Saman Attiq


On the basis of empirical research, this study examined the effect of green construction practices and service quality on client satisfaction. The study also examined the moderating role of Client-Project Manager’s team trust among green construction practices, service quality and client’s satisfaction. Moreover, current study analysed the impact of customer satisfaction on client’s positive word of mouth. The study was based on deducted approach. Survey method was employed for data collection from respondents those were clients of construction industry. A non-probability purposive sampling technique was used. Population for the current study was from the clients of construction companies such as Sardar group of companies, Habib Construction services and Dascon Construction companies etc. within twin cities of Pakistan. In total 277 responses were collected through survey. For data analysis, SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) and Smart PLS has been used. Current study found that green construction practices and service quality have positive impact on client satisfaction. Moreover, client satisfaction (as organism) acts as mediator between green construction practices and service quality (as stimulus) and client’s word of mouth (as response) based on S-O-R Approach. Finally it also found that Project manager trust acts as moderator between Stimulus (green construction practices and service quality) and Organism (client satisfaction). The findings of the study would provide helpful information to the top management, project managers and marketers from which they could develop and improve appropriate marketing strategies directed towards clients, to gain their trust and engage them in spreading positive word of mouth. This study had a few limitations including use of cross-sectional time horizon, non-random sampling technique and top three construction companies only. Researchers may consider these limitations as the guideline for research in future.

Key Words: Green construction practices, Service quality, Client satisfaction, Client PWOM, Client-Project Manager Trust.

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