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Gendered Activities: A Comparative Cultural Study of Gender Affected Perceptions in Muzaffarabad City and Quetta City

. Dr. Sumaira Shifiq, Dr. Zainab Akram & Dr. Raja Nazakat Ali


The mind and body activities are very important component to maintain the active and strong life, which considered as integral part of life. Workout is an essential commodity for a healthy living. However, certain workouts are culturally associated to particular gender groups only. The present study investigates perceptions about gender and workouts that are assigned to particular gender group in a multicultural societal setup. The study particularly focuses on how men and women who join gymnasiums perceive group exercises, like aerobics and yoga. For the comparative study, the metropolitan cities of Muzaffarabad and Quetta are selected. The study conducted a survey through questionnaires and data was collected randomly selected men and women who regularly visit selected gyms for health fitness. The findings of the study showed that there seemed no glaring difference of opinion among men and women of two cities and they depict similar perceptions about group exercises. It is also found that men and women prefer different gendered workouts. The men and women of both cities, despite different geographical and cultural scenario, show similar behavior of rarely breaking the cultural set norms by crossing over the set boundaries of culturally gendered workouts. The group exercises like aerobics and yoga are particularly chosen and preferred by women. The group exercise classes are not reported to be arranged for men in both Muzaffarabad and Quetta city due to lack of interest and demand.

Keywords: Gender, Perception, Workout, Group, Exercise.

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