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. Manisha, Ritu Singh, Abhishek Sisodia & Dr. Jai Gopal Sharma


The oldest way of treating human illness/disorder is a tradition of using herbal drugs and herbal remedies. The demand for herbal remedies has increased over the last few years. Jaiphal is one of those herbal drugs prominent for its pharmaceutical assets.

Jaiphal which is traditionally known as Jatiphal and Javitri in India and in some Asian countries. It has one common name which is Nutmeg. Being a part of the family Myristicaceae, it is known for its flavour and therapeutic use. It is a good body detoxifier and stimulates the brain. The presence of eugenol, limonene, lignin, sabinene, camphene, myristic acid and myristicin make it a useful application in medicine. It has high contents of minerals, carbohydrates, and protein. It has various other properties such as antidiabetic, anticarcinogenic, antidepressant, antiobesity, antidiarrheal, and hepatoprotective. Its seed has 5-15% volatile oil, and fixed oil of 25-40% and these are used to treat conditions such as sprains and muscle pain. Nutmeg has applications in the medicines of Unani in terms of sexual disorders. It is observed that various nutrients are found in the Jaiphal seed which makes it a paramount seed. There are multiple benefits and importance for further research, therefore, more research on this topic will deliver information about its chemical properties and medicinal uses. Thus, proliferation of its vitamin will be an informative source in this direction.

Index Terms- Jaiphal, Jatiphal, Myristica, Nutmeg


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