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. Mr Amjad Ali, Mr Adnan Yaqoob, Mr. Nauman Peter, Mr. Umar Hayat, Mr Ameen Asif & Ms Kanwal Karim


Background: Hemodialysis is a treatment option for patients with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) who have lost most or all of their kidney function. Clinical indicators are used to measure the effectiveness of hemodialysis treatments; Ultrafiltration is a vital component of hemodialysis and is responsible for removing excess fluid from the patient's bloodstream. To optimize hemodialysis treatment and achieve optimal outcomes, healthcare professionals must carefully monitor ultrafiltration rate (UFR) and adjust this treatment parameter as needed. By doing so, they can help patients maintain good health and improve their quality of life.

Objective: To assess the effect of ultrafiltration rate on dialysis clinical indicators among hemodialysis patients

Methods: A Quasi-experimental design with Comparison group approach, which was conducted in the dialysis unit of Shaikh Zayed Hospital in Lahore. A purposive sample of 60 patients undergoing hemodialysis with varying ultrafiltration rates was selected for the study. The patients were divided into two groups, with 30 patients in each group, based on their ultrafiltration rate. The researchers used a self-structured tool to assess clinical indicators; data were analyzed using an independent t-test to compare both groups with a significance level of P<0.05

Results: This study found that there were 40% women and 60% men. The study compared the dialysis protocols of two groups; interventional and comparative group on various clinical parameters and related indexes show a significant difference between two group with p<0.05. However serum creatinine shows no significant difference between the two groups with a p equal to 0.381.

Conclusion: Optimal UFR is around 10-13 ml/kg/hour, and moderate UFR has been associated with improved clinical outcomes, including reduced hospitalization rates and improved quality of life. Clinicians should carefully monitor UFR in patients undergoing dialysis to ensure optimal treatment outcomes.

Keywords: Ultrafiltration rate, clinical Indicators and hemodialysis patients

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