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Corelation of D dimer value with the severity of covid 19

. Maham batool, Ayesha Awan, Abid Ali, Hannana Maryam, Waqar Mehmood Dar & Aisha Khalid


The famous pandemic of Covid -19 , known for its high level of contagion and  huge amount of cases has no plan to end anytime soon .Coagulation abnormalities have been observed in approximately 60–70% of hospitalized patients. The ultimate pattern of coagulation abnormalities observed in patients hospitalized due to covid 19 is high levels of D-dimer. D-dimer and other laboratory biomarkers can be used to predict the patients profile who are at risk of unfavorable evolution of COVID-19 .This study was aimed to evaluate the correlation of elevated D-dimer with the severity of COVID-19.and  its association with thromboembolic complications .

Materials and Methods : The clinical data of 256 Covid PCR positive patients was collected from the hospitals’ patients record files of Aga Khan hospital and Chugtai Lab.  The coagulation parameters including D-dimer,  and other laboratory parameters including ferritin, CRP and Lfts were analyzed and compared among patients with non-severe infection and those with severe infection.

Results: Out of 256 patients  218 patients were severe having elevated D-dimer levels(> 0.5 μg/ml  and O2 saturation  <94% and 38 patients were non severe having O2 saturation>94% and D dimer <0.5. other coagulation parameters were deranged for all the severe patients.

 Conclusion: Severity of covid 19 is associated with coagulation abnormalities.Patients with severe Covid-19 have  higher D-dimer levels, and D-dimer within normal range indicats non severe Covid-19 infection. A D-dimer > 0.5 μg/ml is associated with severe infection in patients with COVID-19.

Keywords: COVID-19, D-dimer, coagulation abnormalities, unfavorable evolution marker,severe covid infection,

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