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. Ahmad Ullah Khan, Dost Muhammad, Muhammad Zeeshan, Khalil Ullah, Maria Mussarat, Tahir Naveed Farooq, Hassan Khan &Aftab Jehan


The University of Agriculture Peshawar in Pakistan conducted research on the impact of various substrates on oyster mushroom output and growth performance from January to May 2022. An edible macro-fungus called a mushroom is grown in several nations utilizing agricultural waste. Agro-based lingo-cellulosic waste and leftovers are bio-converted throughout the mushroom production process. Because mushrooms grow using agricultural waste, its gardening is similar to sustainable farming. This study's goals were to develop oyster mushroom Pleurotus ostreatus using a variety of substrates, including paddy straw, wheat straw, peanut straw, brassica straw, and sawdust, as well as to produce spawns from wheat substrate. The substrates were soaked for 16–18 hours at the course of the night and then removed and autoclaved for one hour to sterilize them. After that it was placed in polythene bags, and spawn was added in the appropriate amount. Following packaging, spawn sacks were put in a closed posture with a temperature of roughly 180-280 C and humidity was kept at a constant level by misting twice daily. Result revealed that Paddy straw showed minimum number of days required for mycelium growth (18), pin head formation (25) and for maturation of fruiting bodies (28) also shows maximum value for number of fruiting bodies (26.27), pileus diameter (6.04), pileus thickness (0.63), strip girth (4.73), strip length (2.07) and biological yield (1083), followed by wheat, sawdust, peanuts, and brassica straw. This study concludes that the Oyster mushroom, Pleurotus ostreatus grown well in Paddy straw when compared with other substrates and also it is confirmed that the spawn produced from Wheat grain have more potential than other spawns.

Keywords: Oyster mushroom, Mushroom substrate, Effect of mushroom substrates, Growth performance of mushrooms, Yield performance of mushrooms

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