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Unveiling Pakistani Retailers’ Attitudes towards Islamic Methods of Finance

. Hammad Ahmed, Naveed Hussain Shah, Waqar Khalid, Sher Rahman & Anum Zahra


The present study aims to investigate Pakistani retailers' attitudes towards Islamic methods of finance. For this purpose, a well-established survey of 150 Swabian retailers was conducted. A descriptive analysis of responses was carried out to identify the principal factors affecting retailers' attitudes towards using Islamic financial products and services. The results reveal that most respondents have some knowledge about certain Islamic products and services, particularly Musharakah and Quard-e-Hasana; however, they are generally unaware of many other Islamic products and services. The results also reveal that all retailers agree to adopt Islamic financing methods, provided they strictly comply with Islamic Shariah principles. The study highlights the importance of religious affiliations in determining positive attitudes towards Islamic finance methods, underscoring the need for marketers and practitioners to ensure that Islamic financial products and services adhere strictly to Islamic Shariah principles. The study also recommends that raising awareness about the community service role of Islamic methods of finance could contribute to strengthening these positive attitudes among retailers.

Index Terms-- Retailers’ attitudes, Retailers, Islamic methods of financing, Islamic banking products and services, Pakistan.

JEL Classification -- G2

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