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Post 9/11 Redefinition of Violence in the Name of Religion in Pakistan

. Dr.Minhas Majeed Khan, Dr.Inayat Kalim, Dr.Saima Gul & Dr.Manzoor Khan Afridi


The phenomenon of violence, with its changing nature and dynamics, omnipresent across the globe, has become a challenge requiring utmost attention. In history, the use of violent acts for the pursuit of vested interests is the approach most often used for politically motivated aims and ideological objectives by extremist groups. Pakistan has been tackling the menace of violent extremism in the name of religion since 9/11 due to the Afghan invasion, which created spaces for extremist groups to spread and propagate their twisted narratives. The unpredictable menace of religious intolerance and extremism that emanates from internal and external security issues has disrupted the social fabric of society and impacted Pakistan’s standing in regional and global politics. The current study investigates the changing dynamics of violent extremism in Pakistan and the root causes behind it to effectively tackle the menace. It also examines the measures adopted by the government to counter violent extremism by identifying extremist ideologies and introducing de-radicalization programmes at various levels.

Keywords: Violent Extremism, Religious Extremism, Religious Intolerance, De-Radicalization, Sectarianism

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