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Structural, thermal and dc electrical conductivity studies in pristine Polypyrrole samples polymerized at different temperatures

. Rajshekar.L.Madival , Prashantkumar.M , N.Nagaraja & Vinay.V.Kannur


In this work, we report the comparative study of structure, thermal and electronic conductivity properties of pristine polypyrrole (PPy) samples polymerized at different temperatures. The as-prepared samples were characterized using XRD, FTIR, SEM and DSC. The dc electrical conductivity in both PPy samples has been measured using two-probe method between the temperatures 313K and 363K. The temperature dependent dc conductivity in both the samples was found to be a thermally assisted process and is of Arrhenius type. The dc conductivity in the present PPy samples is attributed to the hopping of polarons. The observed variations in terms of structural, thermal and electronic transport studies in both the PPy samples has been ascribed to the different polymerization temperature.

Index Terms- Polypyrrole; Polymerization; dc conductivity; polaron hopping.

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