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Leadership and green culture: exploring leadership principals and green culture in organization

. Yasir zaman & Ruqiya Wadood


 leadership in establishing a green culture within firms, with a focus on fundamental values that help to do so. A green culture must be fostered through the use of leadership principles including vision and commitment, setting an example, empowerment and participation, awareness and training, and cooperation and partnerships. Leading by action creates a green culture, while leaders who have an unambiguous objective and a dedication to environmental conservation motivate their teams to adopt environmentally friendly procedures. Also enhancing environmentally friendly initiatives are staff empowerment, education promotion, and cooperation opportunities. successful leadership in developing a green culture inside firms include coordinating the organization's objectives and commitment with regards to the environment, setting a standard for others to follow, giving employees autonomy, fostering awareness and training among staff members, and encouraging alliances. Organizations can foster a culture where longevity is prioritized, reducing their negative environmental effect, boosting employee engagement, and achieving long-term success by incorporating these ideas into their leadership practices.

Keywords: Leadership, leadership principal, green culture, green culture awareness.

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