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Establishing Physics’ Lecturers Pedagogical Technology knowledge

. Abeer Adaileh , Eman Almuhur & Tala Sasa


The objectives of this article are to examine aspects of teaching physics technology knowledge, and determine whether the academic performance of students who study physics 101, 102, and physics labs differed significantly after integrating information techniques. Essentially, this research article employed empirical data gathered from the answers of 425 students of Applied Science Private University who take physics 101, 102, and physics laboratories. A questionnaire makes up the data collecting tool. Our research's conclusions provide physics lecturers, decision-makers, and leaders with understanding and direction in determining the requirements of the pupils. According to the results of the present study, pedagogical development and technology development occurred by using lecturers with high levels whose engagement is advantageous to the community. The results also showed that senior instructors and fewer professors had smaller beginning samples when it came to "beliefs regarding the relevance of technology.


Index Terms- Physics, Pedagogy, Technology, knowledge, Community.

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