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The Risk Factors Associated with Violence among Female Healthcare Workers at Public Hospitals of Punjab, Pakistan

. Hira Afzal, Rubina Bibi, Dr. Muhammad Nadim, Iqra Shahzadi, Zahid Hussain & Madeeha Ashfaq


It has been observed that violence among female healthcare workers have been increased in last decades. Many incidents have been reported by the female healthcare workers including doctors and nurses and other female staff. Most importantly, violence in public hospitals was unleashed by the colleagues, patients and management. The objective of the study was to dig out the risk factors associated with violence among female healthcare workers in public hospitals of Punjab, Pakistan. The nature of study was cross-sectional and descriptive. The target population of the study was female doctors and nurses. Simple random sampling technique of probability sampling was used and a representative sample of 200 female healthcare workers was drawn from the four public hospitals i.e. Jinnah Hospital, Services Hospital, Sar Ganga Ram Hospital and Mian Munshi DHQ-I Teaching Hospital located in Lahore ,provincial headquarters of Punjab, Province. The findings of the study reveals age, career duration, type of working shift, job demand, social support, job insecurity and job strain were significantly associated with violence among female healthcare workers at public hospitals. It can be concluded that female healthcare workers has greater risk and exposure of violence as compared to male healthcare workers in public hospitals. Therefore, it is recommended that it is a high time to take stringent measures to curb the debilitating factors associated with violence among female healthcare workers.

Index Terms: Bullying, Healthcare Workers, Sexual Harassment, Workplace Violence.  

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