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Towards the lexicographic Description of Pakistani English Collocations, A case for EFL Learners

. Faiza Rehman1, Dr.Abrar Hussain Qureshi2, Musarat Shaheen3, Shamim Akhter4, Komal Khan5


It is an established fact that there has been a considerable shift from approaching single lexical items of language towards phraseology. As, meaning is loaded in the longer stretch of language rather than in the single lexical items, the need to study these longer stretch of language has increased manifold. In text, apparently, each lexical item is influenced by its adjacent words. So, the lexical studies do not focus on the individual vocabulary items alone. Many studies have described ‘lexis as a linguistic unit, influenced by different syntactical dimensions. So, the concept of collocations occupies a crucial place in EFL setting, especially at advance level. As, Pakistani English is establishing to be a significant variety , owing to its official and academic use, there is a dire need to handle the issue of collocation formally in detail. In this regard, dictionaries are a major tool kit for EFL learners. This research paper is an attempt to design the features Pakistani English dictionary of collocation from lexicographic perspective. 
Key Words: Collocation, Lexical items, Grammatical Relation, Description, Pakistani 

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