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IOT Enabled LoRA based Industrial Automation

. Mr. A. SenthilKumar, Keerthivasan R, Mohamed Naufal MI, ManojKumar P & Pragathesh R


The LoRa-based Industrial Automation system is designed to automate load control in industrial and home automation applications using a Node MCU, an MQ135 sensor, a DHT11 sensor, and a relay. The system consists of a Node MCU board, a LoRa module, an MQ135 sensor, a DHT11 sensor, and a relay module. The Node MCU is programmed to read sensor values and transmit them to other nodes in the network using LoRa communication. The received sensor values are processed to control the loads connected to the relay module. The MQ135 sensor detects air pollution, while the DHT11 sensor measures temperature and humidity. Based on these readings, the system can automatically turn on or offload such as air purifiers, heaters, and fans. A dashboard or mobile app can remotely monitor and control the system. This LoRa-based Industrial Automation system offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for load control based on sensor readings in a variety of applications. Its simple yet robust design makes this system easy to implement and maintain. Whether in industrial or home automation settings, this system offers a reliable and effective means of automating load control based on real-time sensor data.

Keywords: LoRa-DHT11-MQ135-Realy-Electrical Load control

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