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. Sadiqullah, Muhammad Sajid, Mohammad Wasiullah Khan, Nasra Begum, Imad ud Din, Muhammad Naeem Khan and Muhammad Ayaz Khan


The research was conducted at Horticultural laboratory, Department of Horticulture, The University of Agriculture Peshawar during 2013. Fruits of Peach cv. ‘Early Grand’ were dipped in hot water at different temperatures (Control, 30, 40 and 50 °C) for a constant time period of 5 minutes. After drying, the fruits were stored at (5-8 ºC) and then their chemical analysis and other quality parameters were studied at the end of each storage interval (0, 10, 20 and 30 days). The results indicated that there was a significant influence of the given treatments on quality of peach fruit. The fruits dipped in water having temperature of 50 °C showed the maximum TSS (11.49°Brix), total sugars (7.6%) and TSS: TA ratio (38.06) with minimum titratable acidity (0.3%). The alone effect of storage periods revealed that the fruits stored for 30 days gave the maximum TSS (9.86ºBrix) and TSS: TA ratio (30.14) but also showed the minimum titratable acidity (0.34%), total sugars (6.11%). The interaction between hot water levels and storage durations proved that the peach fruits dipped in water having temperature of 40 °C and stored for 20 days showed the maximum TSS (12.24ºBrix), but on the other hand it also gave minimum total sugars (5.53%). While increasing the hot water temperature (from 40 to 50 0C) and storage duration (from 20 to 30 days), most of the peach fruit quality attributes were declined with passage of time. From the results it was concluded that the hot water treatment at certain temperature i.e. 40 °C effectively sustained the quality traits of peach fruit such as TSS, titratable acidity and sugar acid ratio. Therefore it was recommended that peach fruits may be treated with water having temperature of 40 °C after harvest to sustain quality aspects for 10-20 days storage at 5-8 ºC.

Keywords: Peach fruit, Hot water treatment, Storage durations

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