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Towards Handling of English Idioms for EFL Learners from Pedagogical Perspective

. Shamim Akhter1, Musarat Shaheen2, Dr.Abrar Hussain Qureshi3 , Barira Tanveer4


Idioms constitute a core part of any lexicon. They are considered as the most opaque and complex lexical items of a language as their meaning is not present in their constituents. For nonnative learners of English, the practice and handling of Idiomatic expressions is very challenging. To learn English language, they must have the knowledge of idiomatic expression. Handling idioms successfully paves the path for getting proficiency in English language. To have knowledge and be competent in handling Idiomatic expression is essential for EFL speakers. The proper knowledge and use of idiomatic expression make the non-native speaker competent to communicate in English skillfully. Idioms establish a fundamental part in the phraseology block of the language. Idioms are the most disregarded field in EFL perspective irrespective of their multiplicity and vitality. EFL learners do not take interest in using idiomatic expressions artistically. For the EFL learners especially Pakistani EFL learners, handling of idiomatic expression is very taxing task. They show incompetency while using idioms. The undertaken research intends to explore the description of idiomatic expressions for EFL learners. The paper highlights the significance of learning and adequate understanding of idioms through systematic description so that they may handle idioms successfully. Key words: Idiomatic expressions, Phraseology, handling idioms, EFL speakers

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