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Designing Route Algorithm for WiMAX Centralized Scheduling Mesh Topology to Prevent Interference

. Thanaa Hasan1, Bashar J. Hamza2


The (BS) is a decision maker in WiMAX unified scheduling mesh topology for scheduling the whole network including packet distribution between the (SSs) in the network through the BS. Hence the device, which particularly affects the nodes close BS through interference. A unified network routing algorithm called Mesh Topology (EBMR) was developed, This algorithm use to maximize route chosen, and equipped all nodes with a multi-channel and planned two scenarios: the first scenario named the Multi-transceiver equipped all (SSs) with a multi-transceiver except at the brink. While the second scenario called closest, multi-transceiver system, in this scenario only the closest (BS) was fitted with the (SSs) by multi-transceiver that is known to be 35 per cent of the overall network nodes. Both scenarios can increase network performance, throughput, scheduling range, and usage ratio of channels (CUR). 
Keywords— WiMAX, (EBMR) algorithm, the Multi-transceiver system, Nearest Multi-transceiver system, Optimization. 

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