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Effect of Financial Risk, Privacy Risk and Product Risk on Online Shopping Behavior

. Anam Bhatti1,Hamza Akram2,Ahmed Usman Khan3, Hafiz Muhammad Basit4, M. Adeel Jahangir5


The purpose of this study is to examine the direct influence of financial risk, privacy risk, and product risk on online shopping behavior. Existing study model developed on the base of theoretical background. In doing this, 280 questionnaires were examined using Smart PLS-SEM. Convenience sampling used in this study. While the bulk of prior studies discovered a negative relationship between risks and online shopping behavior, this study also indicates that negative influence on online shopping behavior. The study offers additional insights into how risks can be decreased to increase the online shopping behavior that can be used to improve the plan while online shopping behavior can be enhanced. The current study reveals some important factors that affect the online shopping behavior of consumers and if we minimize these risks then significantly enhance the ratio of profits from online channels. Keywords -Financial risk, Privacy risk, Product risk, Online shopping behavior 

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