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Vegetable Farmers Attitudes Toward Green Agriculture

. Samar Shawaqfeh and Mohammad AlTarawneh


This study aimed to investigate knowledge and attitude toward green agriculture for vegetables farmers in Ghor el Safi area, which is considered the prime area of interest for growing vegetables in Jordan Valley.  Questioners were distributed to 316 farmers; multi-level regression analysis was used for measuring the impact of the independent variables on the related variable factors. The result showed that farmer's general attitude towards green agriculture was moderate, where more than two-thirds of the farmer's supported the transition towards using green agriculture. Results showed positive correlation between age, experience, cultivated area, family labor, production quantity, annual income, education, and the level of farmers' knowledge and attitude toward using the green agriculture at the confident level of 0.01 and 0.05. Based on the results, more attention needs to be taken into consideration from decision-makers regarding the necessity of activating the role of agricultural extension in the field to promote green agriculture among farmers, markets for green products need to be created, and more projects to support green agriculture is needed.  


Key Words: Green farming, sustainable agriculture, vegetables production, Jordan

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