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Multi-faceted study of EDS1 gene in Citrus sinensis (sweet orange); a bioinformatics study

. Sauood Shaheer Siddiqui, Irfan Mughal, Mudassar Fareed Awan, Sajed Ali & Muhammad Farhan Sarwar


The EDS1 gene contributes to numerous plant defence and protection mechanisms and confers resistance to biotic stresses brought on by pathogens. It encodes an alpha/beta hydrolase with a conserved domain that facilitates plant defence. In this research, a genome-wide investigation and the identification of EDS1 genes in Citrus sinensis (sweet orange) were carried out. In sweet orange, we found three distinct orthologs of alpha/beta hydrolase through phylogenetic and conserved domain analysis. Sub-cellular localization investigations revealed that this protein was distributed throughout the cell, particularly in the nucleus. In this regard, chromosomal mapping and gene duplication analyses were also carried out. Additionally, the EDS1 gene's corresponding protein's amino acid sequence was incorporated in order to perform the three-dimensional (3D) structure prediction. Its enzymatic nature was further examined using active site prediction. All of the predicted protein structures contained various active sites, which we discovered. Future research might use this findings as a basis for continuing to investigate the EDS1 gene from a variety of aspects in order to fully understand the critical roles, it plays in Citrus sinensis.

Keywords: Alpha/beta hydrolase superfamily, Biotic stresses, Citrus sinensis, Defense response, Genome wide analysis

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