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Comparison of Visual Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity, Corneal Haze and Tear Break Up Time in Photorefractive Keratectomy and Laser Epithelial Keratectomy in Low to Moderate Myopes

. Mahnoor Mahmood , Ayesha Mansoor, Muhammad Usman Asif, Muhammad Mahmood Alam, Maryam Muhammad Nadeem & Abid Hussain


Purpose: The purpose of this research aimed to evaluate clinical outcomes including like visual acuity, contrast sensitivity, corneal haze and tear break-up time between PRK and LASEK.

Materials and Methods: A comparative cross-sectional study was conducted in The Smile Laser Eye Center Multan from September 22 to May 2023. This study included 60 participants of both genders with age included from 25 to 35 years old having low to moderate myopia. The sample was divided in two groups by non-probability purposive sampling technique. Each Group had 30 patients of PRK and 30 patients of LASEK respectively. Refractive errors other then myopia was excluded from this study. Visual Acuity through LogMAR Chart at distance of 4-meter, Contrast Sensitivity through Pelli Robson Chart at distance of 1-meter, Corneal Haze through Slit Lamp and Tear breakup time through fluorescein dye strip was assessed.

Results: Results revealed that the mean age in group 1 and 2 was 29.52 analyzed by descriptive statistics. Results showed value of paired sample T-test over visual acuity in group 1 and group 2 was 0.21±0.32 (SD), contrast sensativity was 0.37±0.45 (SD), tear breakup time 0.76±0.71(SD) and corneal haze was 0.50±0.47 (SD) with significant value (P=0.000) in PRK and (P=0.001) in LASEK respectively. The Independent sample T-test mean and SD value of VA, CS, TBUT and corneal haze was 0.24±0.32 (SD) with (P=0.906), -0.92±0.450 (SD) with (P=0.086), 0.8±0.714(SD) with (P=0.799) and -0.33±0.47 (SD) with (P=0.197) respectively. Results of this study concluded that between LASEK and PRK treatments, there were no significant difference in low to moderate myopes as the P-value (P=0.05).

Conclusion: This study concluded that there was no significant difference in visual acuity, tear breakup time, contrast sensitivity and corneal haze before and after PRK and LASEK treatments but non-significant difference was observed after results of both procedures respectively.

Key Words: Best Corrected Visual Acuity, Contrast Sensitivity, Corneal Haze, Laser Epithelial Keratectomy, Photorefractive Keratectomy, Tear Break-Up Time, Uncorrected Visual Acuity, Visual Acuity


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