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Black Feminism, Womanism, and Intersectionality: Assessing the Skin Hierarchies, and Triple Jeopardy in Morrison’s God Help the Child.

. Muhammad Afzal Faheem, Hira Kamran & Muhammad Murtaza Saqi


Analyzing the narrative arc from traumatic childhood to resilient adulthood in Toni Morrison's God Help the Child, the paper explores the interplay of racism, sexism, and capitalism within the contours of intersectionality. In God Help the Child, Black feminism is contextualized as a tool that unveils how these intersecting forces perpetuate gender-based power imbalances, cultivating a pervasive sense of victimhood among women. This research impels a radical re-positioning of blackness in the white imagination. The theoretical praxis of Black feminism, elucidated in this research, becomes a transformative agent, restoring the subjectivity of the (ex)marginalized Black women. By creating spaces for self-expression and fostering a profound sense of agency, Black feminism disrupts traditional power dynamics, effectively challenging and redefining the influence of capitalism within the context of Black women's liberation.

KEYWORDS: Black Feminism, Triple jeopardy, Womanism and Black liberation.


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