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Stage Progression Model for Soil-Borne Plant Disease in Oil Palm Plantation

. Halina Hanim Mustafa


Managing plant disease is a crucial aspect of increasing production yields and securing output quality. This research work is conducted with a view to expanding understanding of soil-borne transmission plant disease by considering the consequences of the symptom severity as a significant role in affecting this dynamic. A class of models which describes the interactions between contagious palm hosts known as dynamical system of basal stem rot (BSR) disease stage progression is formulated using a differential equations system and investigated its dynamics. A palm host disease model is developed in which the host infection is structured into i stages. The basic reproduction number is determined as the threshold for BSR disease transmission model. The results revealed that the population of vulnerable palm hosts and sustained palm hosts survives, while the populations of both the contagious palm hosts have vanished. Thus, an overarching objective should be to understand the dynamics of the underlying mechanisms that drive interaction between the hosts to formulate better control strategies. This research provides crucial progress in discovering the dynamics of transmission of BSR disease that will be beneficial in aiding regulate the transmission of soil-borne disease. 

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