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Description of the Ability to Write Scientific Articles in Student Teachers of Elementary Education on Mathematics Lessons: A Preliminary Study

. Sukmawati gustan Syamsuddin, Ernawati, Kristiawati


This study aims to describe the article writing ability of students in mathematics study in elementary school. This research is a descriptive study with a quantitative approach involving 20 graduate students of primary education as a sample of research. The research instrument used is a simple article writing task sheet consisting of 4 aspects namely the ability to identify (1) research objectives; (2) research methods (data analysis techniques); (3) research results; (4) construct new idea of the reviewed article. The data obtained is subsequently analyzed using descriptive analysis. The results showed that the average value of students' ability to identify research objectives is 56.67, for aspects of identification of the research methods acquired on average of 51.67, while on the aspect of proficiency on identifying research result is 55 and the aspect of constructing research idea is 50. The average value of these four aspects is 53.33 and is in low category. This indicates that the student article writing skills are still low. 

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