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Understanding Kurdish Shopper’s Self-Concept for NIKE Brand

. Aland S. Abdulla


An individual self-concept is framed on the lifespan facing different situations and scenarios being in different surroundings. This is the idea about who I am, with respect to individual's physicality, emotional behavior, social connectivity, the spiritual understanding or any other aspect that shapes the person as an entity. Individual personalities and self-concept are not similar but they vary which creates them unique individuals. Specific research problem observed that the exploration for capabilities of Kurdish shopper’s for their self-concept for shopping NIKE brand products. Further research questions prepared, does Kurdish shopper understand their self-concept, does self-concept matters for NIKE shoppers, and why self- concept is important in shopping process? Study is centered to reach research objectives as to explore self-concept dimension of Kurdish shopper’s, to understand the importance of self- concept dimension of Kurdish shopper’s, and to assess the NIKE brand shopper’s self-concept. The current study is using quantitative method, so a survey research is conducted using a well- structured survey questionnaire Data collection conducted by two approaches, one the printout administered to respondents standing in front of Nike stores and shops in Kurdistan. 

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