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The Influence of Fondrakӧ (Good Deeds) on Honesty of Nias Traditional Marriage in Mazingӧ Tanӧse’ӧ Hiliduho District, Nias Island, Indonesia

. Amstrong Harefa


 FondrakÓ§ is based on five values namely Fo'adu (good deeds), Fangaso (wealth), Fo'Ó§lÓ§'Ó§lÓ§ Haohao (good manners), Fabarahao (governance) and BÓ§wÓ§ Masima (just and loving one another) are the principles of customary law enforcement. Bind as well as guarantee the rights of the community to ownership, wealth, honor and safety. The main requirements for marriage according to Nias customary law are the amount of honesty (bÓ§wÓ§) according to the degree (bosi) of the father of the female family, because the burden of honesty borne by the male family is pursued by wisdom by simplifying, reducing the amount of honesty without eliminating the provisions that are sacred and having high essential value. The research aims to find out whether or not FondrakÓ§ has an influence on the honesty of Nias traditional marriages in MazingÓ§ TanÓ§se’Ó§ Hiliduho District. The results showed a significant influence between FondrakÓ§ on the honesty (bÓ§wÓ§) of Nias traditional marriage in MazingÓ§ TanÓ§se'Ó§ Hiliduho District. 
Abstract — FondrakÓ§, Honesty, Nias Traditional Marriage. 

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