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Proving Postmodern Science fiction writer Stanislaw Lem as the Philosopher of the Future through Solaris and Modern Science

. Shahan Pervez & Turs Mohi Ud Din Chan


This paper argues that Stanislaw Lem, through his literary works, particularly "Solaris," should be considered the 'Philosopher of the Future.' Lem's fiction and non-fiction emphasize the ethical and existential dilemmas humanity faces due to advancements in science and technology. "Solaris" exemplifies these concerns by depicting scientists' futile and morally ambiguous efforts to contact a sentient ocean on an alien planet. The novel reveals how technological progress can lead to ethical degradation, loss of moral compass, and eventual self-destruction. Lem's work resonates with modern scientific concerns, echoing warnings from figures like Stephen Hawking about the potential dangers of unchecked technological advancement and artificial intelligence. Hawking's predictions about AI and the consequences of energy consumption align with Lem's bleak portrayal of the future. The paper concludes that Lem's prophetic vision and critical examination of human and technological evolution justify his designation as a 'Philosopher of the Future,' highlighting the importance of ethical responsibility in the face of rapid scientific progress.

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