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Health Awareness about the Causes of Influenza among the Youth in Riyadh City

. Dr. Mohammed Yaanallah Mohammed Alghamdi, Dr. Saeed Abdullah Ahmad Alghamdi, Hani Safar Tlmes Alghamdi, Emad rashed maeed alzahrani, Abdullah Saad Abdullah Alghamdi, Mohammed Safar Lafai Alghamdi, Ahmed Hamed Ahmed Alghamdi, Khalid Mohammad Abdulhad


The current study investigated  Health Awareness about the Causes of Influenza  among the Youth in Riyadh City, The results were reached that: Influenza is a simple viral infection that spreads easily among humans. It attacks the common system. A person becomes infected through the nose and mouth and reaches the lungs. Its severity ranges from mild to severe, and it affects all age groups.

  • It is divided into four main types, some of which infect humans, and others infect animals:
  • Influenza A virus and influenza B virus: They infect humans and are the causes of seasonal influenza infections that spread in the winter season.
  • Influenza C virus: infects humans, and is the cause of influenza infections throughout the year.
  • Influenza D virus: It infects livestock and cannot be transmitted to humans.
  • There are subtypes of influenza A virus, and they differ according to the protein (H or N) that coats the virus, as there are 18 types of H protein and 11 types of N protein.

Transportation methods:

  • Inhaling droplets flying in the air when an infected person sneezes or coughs.
  • Touching surfaces contaminated with the virus; Then touch the eyes, mouth and nose.
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