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Artificial intelligence in online shopping: A bibliometric analysis through R Studio from 2000 to 2023

. Bad re Alam, Lubaina Soni, Fatima Bilal, Javeria Khalid & Maham Saleem


: This study aims to provide a bibliometric overview of Artificial intelligence (AI) research in online shopping from 2000 to 2023 and to identify significant trends. WOB was utilized to retrieve data from 1488 selected articles from 281 different sources. The methodology included science mapping with bibliometric indicators such as citations, co-citation analysis, and bibliometric coupling. Analysis of the data was done using R-package using Biblio-shiny. The findings indicate an increase in the number of articles and authors per paper that highlight AI in online shopping key issues, the most promising AI practices, and the topics for future research. This study has significant importance to orient AI process towards the assessment of the customers satisfaction and trust

Key words: artificial intelligent, online shopping, bibliometric analysis

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