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Awareness the Community in Al-Baha Region about the Importance of the Diet to Prevent Chronic Diseases

. Dr. Mohammed Yaanallah Mohammed Alghamd, Dr. Saeed Abdullah Ahmad Alghamdi, Bashayer Ali Maeed Alghamdi, Hani Mohammed Hamdan Alzahrani, Mohammed Saeed Ali Alzahrani, Ayish Mosfer Gorm Alkhathami, Ibrahim Saeed Hamdan Algamdi, Khaled Hamid Hassan Al-


The current study aimed to Awareness the Community in Al-Baha Region about the Importance of the Diet to Prevent Chronic Diseases, Statistics of the World Health Organization for 2016 indicate that more than 1.9 billion adults (18 years and over) are overweight, and 650 million people suffer from obesity, and if the spread of obesity continues on its current path, half of the world's adult population will suffer from overweight or obesity by 2030, and obesity is a major burden on the global economy, amounting to about $ 2.0 trillion (2.8%) of global GDP, so obesity is considered one of the The world's biggest economic losses, Obesity is also responsible for about 5% of deaths worldwide, results indicate that :Obesity in adults in the Kingdom according to the results of the National Health Information Survey for the year 2019 , The percentage of obesity in Saudi Arabia among adults (18 and above) was 20.2%, and overweight was 38.2%,  The prevalence of obesity was higher among women at 21.4%, compared to 19.2% for men, Saudi Arabia ranks third in the Arab world in obesity rates, This measurement is not used for the following cases: Adults with a BMI of less than 25 or a BMI of 35 and above, Athletes.

Children and adolescents (ages under 18 years), Pregnant women (gestational age more than 20 weeks), Those who cannot stand up straight (such as the crippled) or who have problems in the waist area (such as a hernia or tumor, or who have undergone recent surgery).

Keywords: Awareness the Community - Diet - Chronic Diseases--Baha Region.


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