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A Meta-Analysis of Correlation Between Big Five Personality Traits and TVET Skills Acquisition

. Rana Hammad Hassan & Malik Tahir Hassan


Personality assessments play a crucial role in the successful completion of academic studies and the acquisition of technical abilities. Aligning personality traits with learning capabilities can enhance course outcomes, reduce dropout rates, and significantly improve returns on investment. This study examines the correlation between TVET learning skills and the Big Five Inventory (BFI) personality traits. It aims to enhance youth employability in the skilled workforce and increase ROI through personalized course offerings. Using the Chi-Square method (χ²), we analyzed the correlation between TVET trades and BFI Personality Traits over three years of data collected from one of Pakistan's largest TVET training providers. Our findings indicate that two BFI Personality Traits, Openness to Experience and Extroversion, demonstrate a strong correlation with TVET trades. This research successfully links TVET skills with personality traits, offering potential benefits for enhancing TVET course recommendations, predicting dropout rates, and providing career counseling. This correlation opens avenues for further research into various dimensions of TVET education, promising practical applications in optimizing educational outcomes and career development strategies


Index Terms- TVET Digitization, Chi-Square Analysis, BFI Personality Traits, Digital Skills

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